Why are pensions so powerful?

The investment mix

There are lots of different ways your pension could be invested. Should you put all your eggs in one basket? And how do you know what type of investment is best for you? Here’s what happens behind the closed doors of your pension, and how it can affect you.

Which investment should you follow?

Investing money over a number of years can feel like a bit of a rollercoaster ride. Especially as stock markets naturally rise and fall. What would happen if you reacted each time there is a change in your investments? Discover why being a disciplined investor is so important.

Balancing risk and reward

Why take risks with your pension savings? Well, for good reason as the rewards you receive from the growth of your money simply means a better standard of living in retirement. Simply, the higher the risk you take then generally the higher the reward you can expect. Beware though. Those higher risks can have big downsides too and your investments can fall in value. So, good financial advice is always important. Discover the key to happy pension investing.

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