The benefits of pensions

More financial freedom for you

Pensions are packed with features that are designed to boost how much money you have in your pot. And, ultimately, more money means you get to do more of the things you want to do, especially when it’s time to wave goodbye to the 9 to 5.

Employer contributions

Auto-enrolment legislation means that, as long as you are eligible, your employer must offer you a workplace pension and contribute to it a minimum amount. From April 6th, 2019 this minimum amount is 3% of your gross salary, with you contributing a further 5% (which you’ll get tax relief on). This is effectively a guaranteed monthly bonus from your employer, which is why workplace pensions can be so valuable.

Compound interest

Albert Einstein called compound interest the “eighth wonder of the world.” Who are we to argue? And your pension amplifies the effects of compound interest because of the tax relief, tax breaks and other contributions you might be receiving. Plus, the sooner you start saving into your pension, the bigger the snowball effect. Ultimately, that means more money for you!

Death benefits

When you die, providing your pension allows, a variety of benefits will become available to your beneficiary. These benefits will depend on the type of pension you hold, whether you die before or after 75, and whether you have started to take money from your pension be it a lump sum or regular payments. Your beneficiary also needs to take it within two years of the pension being left to them. And, there’s tax implications they will need to be aware of.

Why are pensions so powerful?

It’s very likely that a significant portion of your pension is invested in stock markets. And it’s these types of investments that deliver the power your pension needs to beat inflation and grow in line with your attitude to investment risk. Find out more about: how pensions are invested; where the potential power lies; balancing risk and reward, and the main philosophies behind investing.


When you pay into your pension the government pays in too! This cash-back incentive is known as tax-relief and can make a significant difference to the size of your savings pot. As well as tax relief, there are other tax breaks that mean you get more out of your money with a pension compared with most other savings tools.

Jamie Smith-Thompson says…

“If you’re paying into a pension then you’re already building up the fuel to power your retirement. What is it that makes pensions so powerful? Generally, pensions offer a better return than other types of savings. And because they are invested over a long term, they have more time to grow. It’s wise to check your pension regularly. A regulated financial adviser can help make sure things are looking tip top for your retirement, or let you know if a few tweaks could make things even better.” 
Jamie Smith-Thompson, MD at Portafina

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